Anthony Middletonは、伝説のデュオ Audioflyの片割れとして知られる DJ、プロデューサー、マルチメディア・アーティスト。30 年の実力と、スピリチュアルと融合する  Eyes-Closed House、Heads-Down Musicは次のレベルへ。
この夏、ヨーロッパ全土でパフォーマンスを行い、最近では Ibiza、Black Coffeeの Club Room (by Damian Lazarus)への出演や、Crosstown Rebelsや KlassifiedでのRemixワークは記憶に新しい。
さらにFrancesca Lombardo のレーベル Echolette から ”The Way It Was”、自身のレーベルMaison D’etre からは ”Let It Go” をリリースし、新プロジェクト ”The Darker The Night” で没入型オーディオ・ビジュアルの世界へ飛び込んでいる。


Anthony Middleton is a DJ, producer and multimedia artist well-known from his first artistic incarnation as the one half of the legendary duo Audiofly. Co-Founder of Flying Circus, Mason D’Etre & Supernature. Now after 22 years of innovating, it is time to show the world the ‘next level’ as a solo act.
Sonically-speaking, Anthony touts an exciting, unique blend of real deal, eyes-closed, heads-down House music.
A journey filled with subtle vocals,rhythmic surprises and experimental flavor which has led to signature DJ performances all over Europe this summer, culminating in epic island shows like Black Coffee’s Clubroom (by Damian Lazarus), Ushuaia’s new Playa Soleil project and the ever-classic Pikes.
As the principal writer and producer from the band, Anthony “cut loose” this summer season with remixes on Crosstown Rebels (Lunar Disco’s “Devil’s hands” alongside Luciano) and Klassified (Joiah – Different).
This winter see’s the release of original material:- ” The Way it Was” on Francesca Lombardo’s label Echolette and “Let it Go” Ep on Anthony’s very own imprint Maison D’etre.
With a base of over 30 years as music producer and DJ, Anthony has also balanced this lifestyle with over 25 years of spiritual practice…most recently he has been diving into the immersive audio/ visual world with his new side project called “The Darker the night” which explores the subtle states of DMT consciousness.


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