Julius Jens (Leipzig, Germany)

Born and raised in the west of Germany, nowadays based in Leipzig, Julius Jens is a kid from the 90s with a taste for music of the same decade. With 20 years Julius started to go to techno parties with his friends and has been around the local club scene ever since. Soon he started working at one of the local clubs, then bought his first records in 2017 and took his first steps playing at venues in 2018. In 2022 things have started to gain a bit of velocity and Julius has played different clubs and outdoor raves in Germany. Today’s sound ranges from different modern and classic House subgenres, from Minimal House, Tech House, Progressive House, to faster Rave Music from the 90s, usually with a deep driving baseline. The tunes he digs are meant to get the dancefloor moving and to get beneath your skin.


  • Club METRO
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