My Secret Playground (Sincopat, Jeahmon!, Melopee Records)

A BERLIN MELANGE Again and again Florian Herzberg – the mastermind behind My Secret Playground – is drawn to his hometown Vienna. A city full of old glory and vanity, a spirit of optimism and standstill in the same way. On his releases the now Berlin-based producer combines these peculiarities in Electro and modern sounding 80s tracks. Rolling aggressive beats are replaced by broad synths and strings. Pounding kick drums paired with nostalgic vocal lines and vocoders make the leap into the 21st century and give My Secret Playgrounds an own contemporary Indie Dance sound.   For more than a decade Florian has been based out of Berlin; in the German capital, he has not only found his unique musical voice – but emotional solidity within his greatest passion. 2014 he launched his live music project ‘My Secret Session’, an event where DJs and musicians improvise live together to dance music. Through this session he was able to shape the unique organic sound width of My Secret Playground and also work with the best musicians in town. Since then Florian has been performing internationally as a DJ and with his band, creating a variety of sounds that sets him apart from the rest.  His track „Wir Tanzen“ on Rabotat Records, combined with the viral video during Quarantine 2020, followed by his EP „Fears of Tears„, on Melopee Records, pushed My Secret Playground to a wider audience. His latest releases have all made it into the Beatport Indie Charts Top100. His latest tracks have been released on Jeahmon! and Sincopat.  Since 2022 Florian organizes the hedonistic Party Theme Whipped Cream – a colorful dance soiree with artists like Freundthal, Vlad Yaki, Bizzarro Universe or Myrddin.  My Secret Playground releases on labels such as Melopee Records, Sincopat, Jeahmon!, and Rabotat Records.


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