Stefan Goldmann

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Stefan Goldmann is regularly credited as one of today’s most forward thinking artists in techno. After early highly influential releases for Classic and Perlon, he founded Macro in 2007 with Finn Johannsen. Artists such as KUF, Elektro Guzzi, KiNK, Patrick Cowley and Vladimir Dubyshkin have released for the label.

Stefan’s adventurous DJ sets evolve around cutting edge techno. Since 2006 he has been playing regularly at Berghain / Panorama Bar in Berlin. For the club he developed the Electroacoustic Salon events and wrote a bi-monthly column for its program flyer. He has performed at leading festivals including SXSW, Mutek, Time Warp and Club To Club and curates the Berlin Philharmonic‘s Strom Festival were he was the first electronic music artist to ever perform at the classical institution’s Great Hall. While touring regularly throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, he has also hosted Macro label parties in Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

Notably Stefan’s artistic reach goes well beyond clubland. He has scored films, collaborated with ensembles, choreographers and visual artists, and has written a book. His numerous special projects include sold-out solo performances at iconic venues such as Kyoto’s Honen-In Temple, Los Angeles’s LACMA museum and the CCK center in Buenos Aires.


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