11/15 Thu. Diffuse Reality at Kyoto


前売 ¥1,300 ドリンク代別途

当日 ¥1,500 ドリンク代別途


Squaric Yuji Kondo (live)

Katsunori Sawa (live)

Dagshenma (live)

Yuki Ohtsuka (live)


ニコラス ビリャヌエバ



進的な作品を立て続けにリリースするスペイン発注目のアンダーグラウンド・テクノレーベル「DIFFUSE REALITY」が京都に上陸!

バルセロナを拠点にモダンテクノ、インダストリアルの精鋭たちが作品を発表する中心地となっている同レーベルより新鋭アーティスト「SQUARIC」が来日。さらにユニットSTEVEN PORTERなどで先鋭的な実験性とダンス・グルーヴのエレクトニック・ミュージックを追求してきた「YUJI KONDO」と「KATSUNORI SAWA」、老舗レーベル[shrine jp]からリリースでもお馴染みのhiguchi eitaroによる電子音楽プロジェクト「Dagshenma」、コアな電子音楽ファンから圧倒的な支持を受ける「Yuki Ohtsuka」らも参戦する当夜、チャージも破格なので世界基準のテクノ・シーンに触れる貴重なチャンス!




Yuji Kondo (live)


Co-founder/director of the 10 Label imprint. 1/2 of the Steven Porter. Member of the Nuts Star. Ducerey Ada Nexino alias.

Katsunori Sawa (live)


Hailing from Kyoto, Japan. Co-founder of 10 Label. Currently producing and performing as solo artist as well as in collaboration with Yuji Kondo (as Steven Porter) and Anthone (as BOKEH).

Even though Sawa's very first outing under his EOC alias already saw his introduction in 2008 on UK based AI Records, he made his first major appearance with his collaborative remix with Yuji Kondo of Jimmy Edgar's "Sleight of Mouth" on Spanish Semantica Records in 2010. His own “10 Label” he kicked off with "Deed" (2011, also in collaboration with Yuji Kondo) and later released the split single "Undulant Latitude". On German Experimental label "The Weevil Neighbourhood" Steven Porter debuted the "LR" EP in 2011 - it was regarded "a masterpiece" by German De:Bug magazine and later released "The Two Legs" (2013) as well as "Holy Ground" (2014) as solo artist.s Katsunori Sawa's trademark sound strives for the more industrial territories of techno. Rhythmic noise, undulating bottom end rave and wall-of-sound-scapes meat grumbling breakbeat abstractions.

Dagshenma (live)


Kyoto soundsculptor who has been producing music under the Dagshenma (pronounced "Dagushenma" in Japanese) name since 2002.

Yuki Ohtsuka (live)


I’m Composer, Performer, DJ, Sound Designer and Sound Engineer. I was born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1986. In 2007, I started studying composition of Electro-Acoustic Music, performance of Acousmonium, recording technology and auditory scene analysis under Prof. Kazuo Uehara, Mr. Tomonari Higaki, Mr. Yasushi Utsunomiya and Prof. Ichiro Nakayama. In 2011, I graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School. Until now I was playing in concerts, such as Audio Art Circus (2007-2010, Osaka), Contemporary Computer Music Concert (2009-2012, Tokyo), Kansai Acousmatic Art Festival (2009-2012, Osaka and Kobe), Setouchi International Art Festival (Kagawa, 2010), Festival FUTURA (Crest, 2012) and more. And I’m also active in genres like Techno, Electronica, Ambient, Noise and Improvisation as a solo project “Route09”. I Participate in the compilation album of Il y a Records in 2011. In 2012, I released a split cassette tape with Dao De Noize from USR Records. I formed a unit named “A.N.R.i.” in 2012 with ima. I’m a member of KAAG and JSEM. “Push it! Studio” is the name that my private studio.


前売 ¥1,300 ドリンク代別途

当日 ¥1,500 ドリンク代別途


※前売りメール予約: <ticket@metro.ne.jp>で、前売料金にてのご予約を受付けています。 前日までに、日付、お名前と枚数を明記してメールして下さい。

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